Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Summer's Day: Some Butterfly Pics

Just wanted to post some pics of some Monarch Butterflies that were in my backyard.  They are my favorites. 

True to their name - this particular Butterfly loved the Butterfly Bush. But just a few minutes earlier, I was able to capture a younger Monarch Butterfly in another part of the garden - with my IPhone. This guy preferred the Coneflower.

Later in the season I will post some other Monarch Butterfly images - when they do their trek from Fire Island.  It's a sight to behold - seeing swarms of these beautiful creatures hovering over the Great South Bay.

Hope you enjoyed these.  If anyone has some Monarch Butterfly (or other) pics to share I would love to see them! 


dee dee said...

Oh just beautiful!
Can't wait to see the migration photos!
dee dee

Linda Leyble said...

Thanks Dee - it is incredible so it promises to be a beautiful post!

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