Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting Ready for Easter and Easter Decorations

I don't know where the time went...but it's almost Easter.  How did that happen?  Wasn't it just Christmas?  Anyway, with the warm weather that we had today, I had to go shopping for some Easter supplies for my children and grandchildren.  Thank goodness I was able to snag some chocolate Easter bunnies (they were all out of the regular hollow ones - that I don't really like anyway) - they were solid and they cost a fortune...but my kids are worth it!

I just put the water on to boil for the Easter eggs.  It gets lonelier each year doing Easter eggs, now that my kids are all grown up and they don't want to do it. There were one or two times recently that I didn't bother to color eggs - but I know that it's such a nice tradition and they are so colorful...and good for you!

I am going to do a tablescape tomorrow, in preparation for the weekend festivities.  But I thought I'd show you some of the things that inspired me this year. I love vibrant colors - I'm not the pastel type at all.  It started with my friend Debbie who owns Honeysuckle and Roses florals in Westhampton Beach, NY.  She gave me a few roses...which were beautiful.

And then I did a little bit of shopping at Pier One and HomeGoods (with the colors of the roses in my head!). I found the beautiful table runner and the napkins at Pier One and most of the other items at HomeGoods (except that cute bunny, which I bought a few years ago in NYC!)

So...I hope that you will come back to see how I did with the tablescape.  Oh boy, the pressure's on! But, I will leave you with a link to one of Marian Parson's (Miss Mustardseed's) tablescape projects - how to make these tissue pompoms. This appeared awhile back on  I am going to make some tomorrow as well. If you have never seen her blog, I encourage you to visit it! eggs are just about done.  I hope that you'll pop back tomorrow to see my tablescape! 

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Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Gorgeous colors, I can't wait to see your Easter tablescape finished.

xox Linda

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