Saturday, January 21, 2012

Today I am Loving...Porter Chairs

One earthly possession that I have yet to get is a Porter chair.  And I want one...who wouldn't?

Kelly Wearstler's Porter Chairs in Bergdorf Goodman's Restaurant Via

Back in the 16th century Europe, Porter chairs used to serve a real purpose. They were originally made for well-to-do families' hall porters, who were the gatekeepers of the home. The porter would admit or refuse a visitor to the home.  The porters would stay in their chairs throughout the day and evening (some even took their meals and slept in the chairs).  Some of these chairs were equipped with drawers underneath - where supplies or even hot coals could be kept.  These chairs were usually in cold entrance halls, so the shape of the chair also kept the cold drafts at bay.

The chairs evolved over the years...

This one is not as beautiful as Kelly Wearstler's Porter chairs, but this one is from 1827 and it's in the Bank of England's Museum. 

This chair from Christie's auction House fetched over $4200

1950s version of the Porter Chair.  From 1st Dibs

A 1960s Porter Chair for sale at Cannery Exchange for $2500

Furniture designers will always change the shape and alter the material used...

Image Via
They will even make one for your pooch...

But this all just serves to keep the Porter Chair alive...& well in today's interiors!

Kelly Wearstler Via

The shape and the style of the Porter Chair is still so beautiful.  I just love them.  How do you feel about it?


Anonymous said...

I love those porter chairs - I'll have to get a few!

jan west said...

Interesting story on the porter chair...did not know about them until now...thank you...beautiful designs.

Gini said...

Your photos of the Porter chairs are stunning! Also, looking back at the Long Island mansion that you helped to decorate was interesting. I was especially impressed with the hand painted saying on the wall going up the steps....beautiful art, beautiful thoughts.

Virginia said...

Mmmmm, not so much. I think some look like they need an old fashioned hair dryer attached! I'm showing my age I know!! :)

jamaica byles said...

Hi Linda,
I never knew the name of these chairs until now.Your posts are so informative.Love the chairs by Wearstler- beautiful colors and lines.
Thanks so much for visiting today and for your welcomed comments.Here's to a successful body renovation in 2012 ( you and me both!)

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