Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Glimpse into My Glamorous Life

When people see the "after photos" of projects that I've done, most times they don't understand what it took to get to that beautiful state.  All the time it took to gather materials, prepare samples - and, when I am doing a decorative painting project, how crappy I look when I'm doing it!!  When I'm speaking in front of a group or presenting ideas for a project, I look neat and respectable...

But when I am working, I look like mad scientist/painting chick!  And sometimes when I'm on a very tight deadline (and furniture is coming the next day), I sometimes have to work well into the wee hours of the morning.  And no one looks good when they are tired and they still have to work past midnight!

We worked til 2AM on this project - to meet a deadline

Sometime it's just me and the wall (sometimes doing projects I love and sometimes...not)

And sometimes the work is way up high (a dome in a double entry foyer) and the client (a homebuilder) gladly puts up the scaffolding for you. When I got to this job, I was shaking when I went out on the scaffolding, so...

I gave instructions to my crew on what material to trowel first, second, third, fourth and fifth layers - and took pictures of the progress.

I still have to go back and take pictures with the chandelier. 
This project came out so beautiful - despite my knocking knees.

More to come in future posts.  Just thought I'd show you some pics of the glamorous side of me!!

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